Transparent, Contextual Healthcare Price Estimates.

We’re building software to optimize operations for healthcare facilities while giving patients clear price expectations.

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Finding and understanding the price of your care has never been easy.

Understanding your insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB) can be challenging.

This matrix of information is confusing, complicated, and requires a level of medical literacy that many of us don’t have. We believe that technology can step in and remove much of the burden that comes with comprehending the application of your EOB.


High deductible health plans put the first dollar payment responsibility on patients.

If your health plan deductible is $3k annually, this means that in most cases you will have to pay $3k out-of-pocket before your health plan starts covering your health expenses. As a result of rising deductibles, the price of a healthcare service is something people want to know up-front because they are affected the most.

Patient financial burdens are higher than ever.

Price transparency in healthcare needs a jolt.

Here's Our Approach

Our Solution

Benefits for patients and consumers

Save hours of time and get an accurate price estimate without making a call
Engage with providers who you can trust and put you first
Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your costs up front
Eliminate the frustration of needing to know the specifics about your coverage

Benefits for medical providers


Build Trust

Sharing details about the financial obligation of patients in advance increases trust and rapport among existing and future patients.


Increase Collections

Being up front with patients about the price of care can improve the amount you collect and reduce the time until you receive payment.


Patient First

Taking a patient centered approach to price estimates and billing creates an improved financial experience for everyone.

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